T he Center for Professional Well-Being is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization. The Center is devoted to promoting well-being among healthcare professionals, including students, and their families, their practice organizations, and other professionals.
O ur mission is accomplished through various educational, consulting, and advisory programs and services. Individuals and small groups receive intensive educational and well-being interventions. Visits are made to groups and practices, and our services are tailored to the needs of clients. Off-site services include retreats, lectures, seminars, and consulting services. Any groups or organizations that wish to develop a well-being system for their members may benefit from our services. Well-being faculty and associates conduct all of our seminars.
T he Society for Professional Well-Being is the membership project of the Center. The Society publishes a quarterly bulletin, Being Well, which promotes networking among individuals and groups, supports quality of life interventions, and upholds our mission.
F or twenty years, the Center has assisted healthcare and other professionals in building cohesive, high morale, and sustainable practices. Our emphasis on sustaining practices combines an interest in both the practice's health and it's individual member's health. Sometimes this interest has led to assistind individual professionals, family units, administrators needing to manage high-performance members, or efforts for the entire group. Many of our writings reflect this commitment to the professional as a human resource like the natural environment.
O ur practice assessments (practice diagnoses) have led to heightened productivity, creativity, reduced turnover, improved conflict resolution, diminished intra-practice lawsuits, and uplifting of morale. Our recommendations are summarized in a report and sent to each organization. If necessary, our experienced faculty can guide the leadership through implementation of our recommendations.
W e ask that you please advise your members of our services.

Distinctive Services

The Center for Professional Well-Being is devoted to promoting positive health for professionals in a comforting way. We were founded in 1979 and work with individuals, couples, partners, practices and organizations. Our distinctive competencies include anger and effective communication training, assessing and rehabilitating practices with non-collegial communication, mediation, presentations and retreats. We often are asked to confront taboo issues that promote denial of distress among professionals to encourage a healthier culture. All services are individualized and confidential. We provide support, mentors, and materials that produce outcomes that are a track record of helping professionals balance their personal and professional demands.

Here is a brief list of services:

Needs assessment for professional health program
Managing behavior before suspension or privilege action
Litigation stress management
Individual stress, burnout, compassion fatigue counseling
Culture clash education, as in resolving “merger grief”
Intra-group partnering skill development
Quality of professional life assessment and remediation
Practice and organizational burnout assessment
Relationship counseling: marital and partner
Re-careering: life work and transition planning
Assessment and remediation of “disruptive behavior”
Prevention of professional distress
Presentations in all areas of professional health and stress
Conflict management training
Negotiation skill training
Witness preparation


Please email or call our National office for more information on all of our value-added services in promoting physician retention, health and practice cohesion.

21 West Colony Place, Suite 150
Durham, North Carolina; 27705
Tel: (919) 489-9167
Fax: (919) 419-0011

John-Henry Pfifferling, PhD; Founder & Director
Margaret Seeman, Program Coordinator/Office Manager

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